brigitta muntendorf

Public Privacy #6 bright no more

music / video
Brigitta Muntendorf

April 2016 | Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik

performer / written for
Malgorzata Walentynowicz

9:00 min

technical setup
video projection (16:9, three options: a) prerecorded video or b) live camera in front of the performer c) both projections), stereo-tape, sampler with local amplification + sampler program (for example NI-Kontakt), TC Helicon Voicelive 2 effect device for voice

for voice, live-effects and fixed media

Piano Cover is the second piece in the series Public Privacy for solo instrument and fixed media, in which a live performer enters into a dialogue with Youtube instrumentalists. The series explores the form I call Social Composing and the related question of the demarcation between the private and the public.

Public Privacy #6: voice: bright no more is the latest piece in the Public Privacy series for solo instrument, video and electronics.

The discourse on the public and the private in our digital culture takes place against a background of diverse and fast-moving developments. I composed the piece during my stay in Japan, Kyoto, at the Goethe-Institut’s Villa Kamogawa. My experiences and observations regarding the structural organization of Japanese society and communication had a profound impact on my artistic approach to socio-political issues associated with living in digital culture. A completely different society with different models of public and private, in tension between future-oriented thinking and the preservation of traditions, confronted with political implications on the development of individuality on the one hand and the demanded conformity on the other.

On this background I wanted to show the vulnerable but also powerful side of this tireless and artificial force to develop a so called individuality. Sharing the space with an „I“, that yes, could be individuality. But it could also be a construction of relationship between a force and a space in between models of public and private and a state between being and performing.