brigitta muntendorf

Public Privacy #3 Trumpet Cover

2014 Composers Slam

performer / written for
Junge Deutsche Philharmonie / Daniel Albrecht

7:00 min

technical setup
video projection (16:9), stereo-tape, amplification, 1 mic for voice & effects, midi mute

Every live performer get’s their own video. Parts as the beginning or the end and also significant scenes in the middle of the piece should be recorded by the live performer with a camera or webcam.

for trumpet solo, live electronics and fixed media

Trumpet Cover is the third piece in the series Public Privacy for solo instrument and fixed media, in which a live performer enters into a dialogue with Youtube instrumentalists. The series explores the form I call Social Composing and the related question of the demarcation between the private and the public.

In Trumpet Cover, Youtube videos are used only sporadically – instead, many scenes have been created with musicians from the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie, following the sequences of a Youtube presentation. Thus, there can no longer be a distinction between amateurs and professionals, between virtual and real presentation. The live trumpeter covers a group of musicians whom we in the auditorium cannot assign and who, moreover, only act in the stage of preparation for making music. “The exercises have to be done away from music.”

Exercise as preparation or exercise as content is a counterpart to the question of what difference it makes when the use of existing material or the creation of what appears to be existing material is indistinguishable.