brigitta muntendorf
15. July 2022, 7:00 pm

||:Forest of Breath:|| | ZIMMT | Centre for immersive Media art, Music and Technology

Immersive Soundinstallation | Norwegian Soloists’ Choir

ZIMMT: In the former factory building in the east of Leipzig, new artistic and technical approaches to 3D audio in the context of virtual reality and 360° videos are developed and tested.  ZiMMT (Centre for immersive Media art, Music and Technology) not only offers a platform where art, science and business meet, but its infrastructure also creates an environment unique to Saxony where immersive art and music can be experienced.

A production of ECHO FACTORY with kind support by Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival & The Norwegian Soloists’ Choir.  

20. July 2022, 6:00 pm

MELENCOLIA | Opening Bregenzer Festspiele | Daisy Daisy | Wiener Symphoniker & Ensemble Modern

Opening of the Bregenzer Festspiele with an excerpt of MELENCOLIA: Daisy, Daisy for soloist and orchestra {premiere}
Wiener Symphoniker | Dietmar Wiesner (Ensemble Modern)
conductor: Enrique Mazzola

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