brigitta muntendorf

*News* Prix Ars Electronica: MELENCOLIA awarded with a Honorary Mention

The transdigital music theatre MELENCOLIA is awarded with a HONORARY MENTION in the category DIGITAL MUSICS & SOUND ART of the PRIX ARTS ELECTRONICA. Selected out of over 3.000 applications with the following jury statement:

“MELENCOLIA combines one of the oldest forms of human performance (theater) with one of the most emotional psychological states of humans (melancholia) and integrates various state-of-the-art technologies (AI, AR, live electronics, 3D audio, etc.). (…) A hugely complex project, MELENCOLIA demonstrates the potential of modern technologies in a traditional, specific environment, such as the opera, and proves that new artistic formats can thrive in these spaces.“

*News* ORBIT - A WAR SERIES for AI-voices, electronics and 3D-Audio will be premiered at La Biennale di Venezia - Biennale Musica 2023

“The multi-faceted creativity of the Venice Biennale in the field of live performance is enriched this year, with more financial resources, more performances and new interdisciplinary initiatives, especially productions and commissions. Thus of the more than 450 artists in the three festivals of theatre (15 June – 1 July), dance (13 -29 July) and music (16 – 29 October) not all will be interesting or surprising, but certainly such an impressive and qualitatively important mass of performances, ballets and concerts and of personalities among masters and new artists from 30 different countries of the world is an event in itself. And not to be missed if one looks at the names ranging from Romeo Castelluci at the Fortezza di Volterra Company to the surprising FC Bergman, from the company of dancer Carlos Acosta, to choreographer Pontus Lidberg, and among the musicians from pioneer Morton Subotnick, John Zorn to performer and musician Robert Henke or Brigitta Muntendorf who with Orbit makes female voices filtered by artificial intelligence to scream the conflicts fought over women’s bodies.” (La Repubblica)

Furthermore: Mentorship of the 8-week long Biennale College Musica 2023 together with Miller Puckette, Gerfried Stocker, Kyoka, Thierry Coduys and Oscar Pizzo.

*News* Trilogy for two pianos is the winner of the German Record Critics’ Award 2023

The new CD & Blue-ray of Trilogy for two pianos played by GrauSchumacher Piano Duo with a stereo and 5.1. recording and published at bastille musique is the winner of the German Record Critics’ Award 2023 in the category Contemporary Classical Music!