brigitta muntendorf

Sweetheart, Goodbye!

for voice, clarinet, trumpet, horn, trombone, pro, percussion, cello, doublebass, mono-loudspeaker and sample pad

27.04.2012 Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik

Nicola Gründel

Asko/Schönberg Ensemble

Reinbert de Leeuw

12:20 min

available on cd
It may be all an illusion / col legno


In Sweetheart, Goodbye! emotion as such becomes the subject of musical material. Based on the Siren chapter of James Joyce’s Ulysses, in which the narrative line and characters are arranged according to musical forms, I created textual and associated emotional material (sounds that resound parallel to the speech from the mono loudspeaker), as well as an ensemble part that, as the third link in this chain, transcribes the isolated emotion in the most diverse ways.

Brigitta Muntendorf is only superficially concerned with illustration when in Sweetheart, Goodbye! she has the actress Nicola Gründel recite texts from Ulysses in a sometimes wicked, sometimes mocking, sometimes demanding, sometimes enticing voice. By decoupling emotion and content and letting the instruments take up emotions as musical material, play around them and spin them on, she succeeds in creating a captivating ambiguous game of immediate eroticism and musical autonomy[…].

Petra Hedler, in: Positionen