brigitta muntendorf


music, conception, direction
Brigitta Muntendorf 

conception, direction
Michael Höppner 

18.09.2020, Ultima Festival Oslo 

commissioned by
Ultima, November Music and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 

19 Min. 

performed by
Carola Schaal (voice, performance), Louis Bona (viola, voice, performance), Till Künkler (trombone, voice, performance), Malgorzata Walentynowicz (voice, performance), Evdoxia Filippou
(voice, performance) 

video, mapping
Warped Type (Andreas Huck, Roland Nebe) 

light design
Martin Siemann 

costume, make up
Jule Saworski

Maximiliano Estudies 

 technical / spatial needs: All elements of the installation are synchronized and played back by a single laptop. There are three video projections in the space: Two projections show the same video projected on two opposite walls or screens, a second video is projected via video mapping on 5 plaster masks of the performers. Two visitors at a time need to be equipped with a pair of headphones each, which receive the preproduced audio wirelessly. The light design creates an immersive space and guides through the installation, controlled by cues from the laptop. The audio guide is implemented in the composition. Regarding the space it needs one waiting area connected to a bigger space for the main ceremony.  

adaptions: Memorial of Rebellion is based on the music theatre Songs of Rebellion 

audio-visual installation for 5 performers, video and electronics

The audio-visual installation Memorial of Rebellion combines music, projections and light in an immersive space in which escapism and agitation, art and politics, contemporary music and pop, contemplation and action become fanfare and lullaby for the rebellion. 

Based on their previous music theatre Songs of Rebellion , Brigitta Muntendorf and Michael Höppner created Memorial of Rebellion as an independent work, after the planed performances were cancelled. Influenced by the 2020 pandemic, the installation creates an intimate situation, in which two visitors at a time take a socially-distanced journey down their personal memory-trail via two separated audio and video projections. 

Wearing headphones, the visitors listen to this ceremony experience in their own silent space; a space in which an individual commemoration of their own neglected or failed rebellions may take place. The pandemic is not a state of emergency; it is the radicalization of the status quo.