brigitta muntendorf


binaural music for an interactive AR-performance by Charlotte Triebus

Binaural composition
Brigitta Muntendorf

Performance / Artistic direction
Charlotte Triebusconception

Digital Costumes / Make-Up
Inès Alpha

Maximiliano Estudies

Programming AR-App
HSD Düsseldorf / MIREVI / Lava Labs

Supported by
Nationale Performance Netz, Kunststiftung NRW, Bayer Kultur, Leverkusener Kunstverein

The music for the interactive performance app kin_ plays with the binaural space as well as with the different sound worlds of three avatars. Each avatar has its own language and sound environment that moves to the foreground or background depending on the distance to each of them. The AR application for one’s smartphone/tablet engages with both human physicality and body-based art through and with digital technology.

In the performative dance piece, three avatars act in augmented space and can be approached and experienced through their own user screen. The thematic field deals with reality entanglements and their distortions, human intimacy and the border to surveillance by the viewer as well as the shift of agency between performer and recipient through live interaction. In the process, different, intimate situations of the avatar dancers sometimes directly involve the viewer – who can directly influence what is happening through their own movement and interaction.In the process, the avatar dancers react to proximity and distance.
The reactive costumes were designed by digital makeup artist Inès Alpha.

XR-Science Award 2022

The performance kin_ is awarded with the XR Science Award 2022 in the category Performance and Art. Since 2018, the DIVR (German Institute for Virtual Realities) has honored outstanding scientific achievements in the XR field with a Science Award. The prestigious award has been given in the past to scientists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and is the largest of its kind.