brigitta muntendorf

||: Forest of Breath :||

3D-Sound Installation

Brigitta Muntendorf

sound direction
Sebastian Schottke

Det Norske Solistkor / The Norwegian Soloists‘ Choir

3D Soundscape
d&b audiotechnik

collaboration with
Ultima Contemporary Music Festival

program notes

The breathing of a familiar person can convey security, closeness and intimacy to us. On the other hand, the audible breath of a stranger can evoke discomfort, at the same time an assurance of aliveness, but can also provide protection from loneliness or even stimulation and pleasure up to eroticism and trance.
One breath in the state of relaxation lasts 5 seconds. The singers in II: Forest of Breath :II breathe three times as fast. The tempo evokes a state of alertness, „alertness“, of readiness to respond to the unknown, refers to the „staying with the trouble“ described by Donna Haraway, to a certain kind of inner restlessness in which we can allow change.
Can we trust these voices? Can they give us security or does their synchronicity create anxiety?
II: Forest of Breath :II is like a clearing, a three-dimensional structure in which we can experience the vocal bodies of 16 singers as if in a ritual as a 3D sound object.