brigitta muntendorf

FIGO – forever overhead

Brigitta Muntendorf

01.06.2016 Biennale Munich

Abdullah Kenan Karaca

David Foster Wallace, Forever overhead

Brigitta Muntendorf / Abdullah Kenan Karaca

Vincent Mesnaritsch

Sita Messer

60 minutes

musicians premiere
Münchner Knabenchor | Ralf Ludewig
e-guitar: Johannes Ollinger
violoncello: Hans-Henning Ginzel
synthesizer: Sachiko Hara
percussion: Thomas Hastreiter
actors: Mara Widmann & Oliver Möller

a coproduction of the Biennale Munich and Volkstheater Munich
composition commission of Landeshauptstadt München

music theatre for boys choir and soloist, for instruments, two actors, tape and live-electronics


An outdoor pool. It is summer. French fries and ice cream, the SNACKBAR, in the nudity not to hide varicose veins collide with boasting ass bombs. The boy is 13 years old.
His perception is the projection screen for David Foster Wallace for the moment that changes everything. It is the path to the diving platform, the metaphorical boundary between childhood and adolescence. It is the urgent search for a place in the world, for a rhythm that orders sense, sensuality and sensation, for a cartography of people and sounds, for control in the rush of metamorphosis.
Director Abdullah Kenan Karaca, composer Brigitta Muntendorf, set designer Vincent Mesnaritsch and costume designer Sita Messer project this moment onto the bodies of 18 boy sopranos at the “Müllerschen Volksbad”, an historic swimming pool in the center of Munich. Together with actors from the Munich Volkstheater and a band-like formation of musicians, they unleash a machinery of the unbridled, unrestrained and unavoidably vulnerable.