brigitta muntendorf


1.12.2017 Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Decoder Ensemble, performer: Carola Schaal

13 min

technical data
16:9 projection (flushfloor) / stereo tape / amplification of piano/drumset /  voice-effekct device for the performer.

Trio (original), Quartet (2 performer, drumset, piano (or synth)), Solo (performer)

#AsPresentAsPossible for performer, piano, drumset, video & electronics

#AsPresentAsPossible TWO for 2 performer, piano, drumset, video & electronics

It seems almost perverse how self-declarations and self-affirmation are being shouted in one’s face and individuality is being broadcast through all channels of our communication network. In our digital-real continuum the existence and ‚Äěraison d‚Äô√™tre‚Äú is constituted by visibility ‚Äď while invisibility is equivalent to non-existence. In #AsPresentAsPossible the musicians define their presence by a vanishing self, entering the stage without instruments and exploring the space between defining and being defined, between projecting and being projection. “I’m a white page, in a soundscape, on a wide stage, I’m a white page”.