brigitta muntendorf


artistic productions at the interface of music and performing arts

With the ECHO FACTORY, an initiative for the development of hybrid, analog-digital formats at the interface of music and theater/performing arts is emerging in NRW. Founded in 2021, ECHO FACTORY works in the form of a community of practice, networks internationally with research labs for digital productions, and is a non-profit company with the goal of promoting trans-digital art and culture.



COVERED CULTURE is an audio-visual multichannel installation, in which Brigitta Muntendorf and Moritz Lobeck explore cultural imprints, individual interpretations and collective appropriations as potentials of the choric forms. The installation was already presented at Kyoto Experiment, BankART Temporary/TPAM Festival Yokohama, Duolun Museum Shanghai, 798 Art District Beijing, LOOP Alt Space Seoul, Interculture Space Guangzhou and Radialsystem Berlin.


melencolia bregenzer festspiele ©anja koehler | urheberrechtlich geschütztes bildmaterial. keine unerlaubte veröffentlichung und vervielfältigung! veröffentlichung zur presseberichterstattung über bregenzer festspiele honorarfrei gestattet. inhaltliche oder bildgestalterische veränderung der fotografien nicht gestattet. bildnachweis “©anja koehler” oder “©anja koehler |” ist voraussetzung. ©anja koehler | auf instagram ist der credit @1isees1feels voraussetzung.

With MELENCOLIA, a new experimental music theater performance at the interface of the new digital hybridity for Ensemble Modern will be premiered at the Bregenz Festival 2022. Central to the project are collaborations that establish a process-oriented, long-term and sustainable exchange between art, technology, science and society to accompany and support the planned use or development and adaptations of augmented reality, live video technology, motion capturing and 3D audio.
MELENCOLIA is hypertext that has become space, in which sound, light, body and image sources establish themselves as elementary particles and continually reform themselves in an ongoing process of transformation. In the liberated, playful and yet strict handling of stereotypes from digital romanticism, pop and kitsch, in caricatures, blurs, decouplings and confrontations with digital transformations, MELENCOLIA establishes a parallel world to the indifference of the universe.